Tuesday, 01 November 2011 17:18

Wedding Cake Types


The wedding cake type or design is the manor in which your cake is constructed. There are basically three design choices: flat cakes, tiered cakes with pillars or columns, and stacked cakes.


There are many shapes for one to choose. Wedding cake size and shapes can be as unique as the individual while others are very traditional. The shape you choose should be one that fits your wedding style or theme.


The cake its self should be fresh and moist. Cakes that are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients out perform cakes made from prepackaged mixes and artificial flavorings. If the cake has great taste, it will make a lasting impression.


Fillings are spread in between the layers of cake. Wedding cake fillings are chosen to compliment the cake. Your baker can usually provide a sample and recommend complimentary flavors.


Whether its called frosting or icing, it’s pretty much the same thing. This is usually a covering for the cake. Not only does it taste good and sweet, but it helps protect the cake from drying out. Wedding cake Icings can be tinted to almost any color or flavor.


This is the fun part. Your cake decoration is a way for you to truly express yourself. Wedding cake decorations come in many forms, from edible icing flowers to real flowers. The cake is then capped off with a wedding cake topper. Available of toppers range from traditional to contemporary.