Tuesday, 01 November 2011 17:20

Wedding Cake Icings

Wedding cakes are frosted and decorated in a variety of icings. The definition of the terms frosting and icing are the same. Icing can be altered in just about any color or flavor of your choice. Your wedding cake flavors and colors should reflect your style and theme. Hopefully, this article will give you some insight on the world of wedding cake icings.

The most popular icing is buttercream. Buttercream is a mildly-sweet and flavorful icing. This simple icing is made with eggs, butter, and sugar. Buttercream has a smooth and creamy texture that is very versatile. It is used for coating cakes, making flowers, swags, and borders. When it comes to icing it is the most economical due to its ease to work with. An icing made with mostly butter will have a tendency to melt easily in hot temperatures.

Rolled fondant is the second most popular icing. It’s the icing that gives the cake that beveled edge look. You’ll hear people say a “fondant cake”, like they’re referring to a cake type. In actuality they are referring to the icing not the cake.

Rolled fondant is a sugar-based icing which is rolled out like dough. Once rolled out, it is draped over the cake. A thin layer of marzipan or buttercream is applied to the cake so that the fondant will adhere. The fondant will dry to a semi-hard, smooth texture. It is often described as a clay-like consistency and somewhat marshmallow flavor. Although some bakers swear by their recipe, fondant isn’t always the best tasting of all the icings.

There are several other icings like marzipan which is made with almonds. Other icings available are royal icing, whipped cream, spun sugar, and ganache. Your baker can help you make your icing decisions as well as provide you with samples. Check out this article to see more wedding cake favorites.