Tuesday, 01 November 2011 17:23

Wedding Cake Fillings

Wedding cakes often have a layer of filling between the layers of cake. Fillings can be as simple as buttercream or as complex as ganache. Most will choose a filling that will compliment the cake. There are many choices available, but we will discuss some wedding cake favorites in this article.

Buttercream is by far the most popular. It is reasonably priced, simple to make and simple to use. It is also very tasty and can be altered with the flavoring of your choice. Buttercream consist of eggs, sugar, and lots of butter. Because buttercream is made with butter it doesn’t hold up well in hot temperatures. Wedding cakes made with buttercream may not be the best choice if you are displaying your wedding cake outdoors.

The second most popular filling is chocolate ganache. Chocolate ganache is made with chocolate and heavy cream. Although it only has two ingredients, it is very difficult to make. In addition to filling, it can also be used as decoration, frosting or a glaze over the cake. Ganache tends to hold up well at room temperature.

Jams and curds can also be used to fill the layers of your wedding cake. If you are unsure as to what kind of filling to use, ask your baker. Your baker will be able to recommend a filling that goes well with certain cakes or flavors.