Tuesday, 01 November 2011 17:21

Displaying Your Wedding Cake

The cake table is an area that you’ll want to look great. After all, other than you, it will be the main focus at the reception. It definitely will be a well photographed event. One way to present the cake is to skirt the table and drape a nice linen over the top. You may use an array of decorations including flowers and photographs. Try to coordinate with your color scheme or wedding theme.

There are basically two options when it comes to displaying your cake. The cake can be placed on the cake table throughout the duration of the reception or it may be wheeled out right before the cake cutting ceremony.

If the cake is displayed during the reception, the cake table should be located in a safe area. You want to try to prevent any mishaps by keeping your cake away from traffic paths and dancing areas. Your table can be placed in front of the head table so that guest can see you and the cake while they eat. Try setting the cake table off to the side in its own area.

The other option would be to have your cake wheeled out as the cake cutting ceremony is announced. After the bride and groom have cut the first slices, it then is taken back to the kitchen to be cut for the guest. This is a great way to present a cake that has to be refrigerated because it contains perishable ingredients.

Wedding cake stands are an elegant way to showcase your cake. The style and color choices are endless. Your baker may provide these items for you to use during your reception. Generally, these items are rented. They require a deposit which is refunded upon the return of the items. You can also purchase them from a wedding supply store. These are great questions to ask your baker.