Tuesday, 01 November 2011 17:59

Cake Cutting Ceremony

The cake cutting ceremony has been a popular long time wedding cake tradition. Although cutting the cake is a traditional part of the wedding, the choice to have it is up to you. Some couples may choose to exclude this portion from their wedding. You may prefer not to have cake at all. When couples decide to skip cake, they usually will have one or a variety of desserts from which their guests can choose.

Cutting the cake is an exciting and highly anticipated event. Photographers and guests want snap shots of the bride and groom participating in this tradition. Generally, someone like the DJ will make the announcement. Special lighting and music may begin which signifies that it is time for the cake to be cut.

Typically, the cake ceremony will begin after the meal has been served and cleared. Most of the time the wedding cake is the dessert. Sometimes, couples will have cake in addition to the dessert. Couples may also offer their guests a choice between wedding cake and some other type of dessert.

Most couples purchase a cake knife and have it engraved. This is what the bride and groom will use to cut the first pieces of cake. Traditionally the bride places her right hand on the knife as the groom places his right hand over hers. They cut the first two slices from the bottom tier and feed it to each other. The groom will feed the bride first and then she will feed him.

It is becoming common for the bride and groom to cut a serving for the parents before the cake is removed. The bride and groom will each cut and serve cake to their new in-laws. Then, the cake is taken to the kitchen to be cut for the guests.

The top tier is traditionally saved and eaten on the couples first anniversary. It would be important to let your cake cutter know ahead of time if you plan to save the top tier. Otherwise, it could get cut and served to your guests.