Tuesday, 01 November 2011 07:02

The Wedding Budget

How much you spend on your wedding will depend on 4 factors: family contributions, the style of your wedding, the guest list, and your finances.

Who pays for what? Traditionally speaking, the bride’s family would pay for most of the cost associated with the wedding. However, these days, almost 75% of weddings are paid for by the couple themselves. Occasionally, the bride and groom’s parents may want to contribute something to the special day.

The style of your wedding will have an affect on your budget. The more formal your wedding, the more it will cost. Formal events usually have more guests, more attendants, larger facilities, and more food (which translates into more money).

How you plan your guest list plays a major role in determining your budget. The reception is the most costly portion of your wedding. On average, you can figure $30-$50 per person for food. Determining the size of your guest list now will help you from blowing your budget in the end.

This is a perfect time to sit down and discuss your personal finances. Determine exactly what kind of wedding you can afford. Keep your wedding plans realistic so that you can set a reasonable and affordable budget. Lastly, never go into debt just to have your “dream wedding”. It’s no way to start your life together.

Listed below is a helpful guide of the division of expenses. This guide is based on what the average couple spends on their wedding. Make any necessary changes to customize it to your own personal wedding. See the tools section for details. Don’t forget about tips. Wondering who gets tipped? Check out this article.

  • Ceremony 4%
  • Flowers 6%
  • Reception 35%
  • Stationary & Favors 4.5%
  • Consultant 5%
  • Rings 5%
  • Cake 3%
  • Gifts 3%
  • Parties 6%
  • Photography 8%
  • Brides Attire 7%
  • Grooms Attire 3%
  • Honeymoon 10%
  • Transportation 1%