Tuesday, 01 November 2011 18:12

Renting A Tuxedo

Approximately 4 months prior to the big day, certainly no less than 8 weeks before, you and your fiancé will want to pay a visit to your local formal wear shop. Take your information book with you so that you can easily answer questions about times, dates and schedule fittings and pickups.

When choosing your fiancé’s tuxedo, it will be helpful to know the time and formality of your wedding. Certain styles are designed to be worn at different times of the day. For example, the tailcoat, which is cut hip high in the front and long in the back, is generally worn for the formal evening wedding. The cutaway tuxedo is a classic choice for a formal day wedding. These are just a couple of the different tuxedo styles that are found in most shops.

Help your fiancé select his coat style according to his taste, the time of your ceremony, and the formality of your wedding. Take your time, feel fabrics and have him try on shoes and jackets. You may want to coordinate the cummerbund or vests with the colors of your wedding. If the color is too difficult to match, or if he resists wearing pastels, then keep it simple, black always works.

Generally, the jackets are well displayed so it should be easy to spot the look for which you both are searching. Be mindful of your fiancé’s body type when choosing your tux. Certain jacket and pant styles look better on certain body types. Try on several styles to find the best tuxedo style for his body type.

Once you have chosen a tuxedo style, a specialist will take your measurements. He’ll measure your waist, chest, neck, sleeves, outseam and inseam. You also will need to choose a tie, shirt, accessories, and shoes. These are all items that can be rented.

While you are there, you may begin selecting your attendants’ tuxedos. The tailor can assist you with tux choices for your attendants. Lastly, schedule your fittings and tux pickup.