Tuesday, 01 November 2011 18:08

The Importance of Gown Preservation

After months of careful planning, one very important issue is so often overlooked, the issue of gown preservation. It’s easy to forget, and if you have never had to store an article of clothing for a log period of time, you may not know how much damage an improperly stored garment can suffer.

Your gown which was probably not inexpensive by any means, is an heirloom in time. It will hold memories that you will cherish forever. Your daughter may someday want to wear your gown at her own wedding. And she will probably want to wear white as opposed to yellow.

After just one year of being stuffed in a closet, a gown can turn yellowish in color and perhaps leave behind an odor. Even when you think your gown is in perfect condition, perspiration has already penetrated through the fabric. Buttons and snaps may become rusty over a period of time causing the fabric to become soiled with rust. Stains that once soiled your garment and thought to have vanished with a couple sprinkles of carbonated water may soon reappear and will only darken with time.

Take your gown to a professional cleaner as soon as possible after the wedding. It is not recommended to leave your gown unclean for more than 4 weeks. In order to preserve your wedding gown, special cleaners and packaging will be used. Your buttons and snaps will be properly removed and bagged.

Don’t forget to inform your cleaner of any stains caused by food and drinks that were spilled on your gown. Additional items that will need cleaning as well are your headpiece, veil, train, and gloves.

Taking your gown to the cleaners is perfect task for your maid of honor. Delegating some of your post-wedding chores will give you the help you need so that you don’t forget and neglect them.