Tuesday, 01 November 2011 16:50

Hiring A Bridal Consultant

Hiring a bridal consultant can be the best decision a bride can make for her wedding. Eliminating a wedding planner from your budget may at first sound like a money saving idea. However, coordinators overall provide an invaluable service which can save you from making costly mistakes.

Consultants are good communicators and possess excellent organizational skills. A seasoned consultant is knowledgeable & experienced in all aspects of planning a wedding. Here is just some of the many ways coordinators can assist the bride.

  • Finding area vendors and familiarity with the good, the bad, & the ugly
  • Negotiating with vendors to stay within your budget and get what you want
  • Setting a budget and helping you adhere to it
  • Creating a time line including the order of events for the big day
  • Attending to all the little details that make your day special
  • Acting as a referee between you and difficult family members

You can hire a consultant to plan all or some of your wedding. You may want someone to coordinate the event from beginning to end. You may want to hire a consultant for the last 6-8 weeks to fine tune the remaining details. Maybe you just need a few hours to consult with a professional, but overall the choice is yours.

The cost will vary depending on how they charge. Some charge for initial consultations or have hourly rates. Some offer a variety of packages with flat fees while others charge 10-15 percentage of your budget.

Hiring a consultant doesn’t mean that you lose control over your wedding. It allows you to make all the fun decisions without the headache and stress of the tedious not so fun details.

Bridal consultants have so much to offer. So, why not save yourself the time and money by taking advantage of their mediating skills, etiquette knowledge and planning expertise. Want to know what to ask a consultant before you hire?