Website Features & Benefits



Why Do Brides Visit Us?


Attractive Design

Readers enjoy visiting a site that is un-intrusive, easy-to use and visually appealing. Our modern, clutter-free design offers a crisp, clean look and feel that entices visitors to visit, linger and return, essentially converting guests into readers.


User-Friendly Navigation

Today’s readers demand clear, and speedy access to information with minimal clicks. Our website composition is appropriately categorically organized to ensure that visitors are able to maneuver GOWEDIT.COM with ease and obtain immediate results.


Quality Content

Savvy brides want useful information that is fresh, accurate and filler-free. GWI has exclusive how-to articles, and planning information with time and money saving tips. Our article base is continuously updated with new and original information.


Local Resources

When brides are searching for wedding related services, they don’t just look for any service – they seek out area-specific services and products. GWI website is designed to attract local visitors only. Visitors are able to conveniently access our local directory of wedding related products & services as well as a directory of local bridal events.


Community Interaction

Soon-to-be brides want to connect with other brides about an array of wedding related subjects including local vendors. GWI offers various venues in which readers can stay connected.