This Privacy Policy is effective 08/15/2015

Your privacy matters to us! We are committed to protecting your right to online privacy. In a digitally- social world where online sharing has become the norm, we believe that it is your right to know what, how, and why your personal information is being obtained and used.

This site,, is owned and operated by Doyle Enterprises, Inc., DBA Wedding Information Headquarters. We are a Kentucky Corporation which was organized in 1996 and our current status is “active” and in “Good” standing with the State of Kentucky. The company and site, also referred to as we, us and our, is operated in the State of Ohio.

This Privacy Policy, also referred to as the “Policy”, applies to the website and related sites, applications, services, and online tools unless otherwise noted in this policy. This Policy also applies to ALL visitors and users, registered or unregistered, using this site and its applications, services, and online tools.

Below explains what information we collect and how we get it.

Personal Data
We collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us. You are not required to provide personal information or create an account/register to view website content. However, If you choose to participate in certain site activities or use certain online tools, you may need to provide some personal information.

We define “personal information” to be information that identifies an individual person such as full name, home address, telephone number, email address, IP address, password & user account. We consider the following information non-personal unless associated with one of the above personal items: age, gender & other demographic data, wedding information, geographic data, personal interests & other psychographic data. Any or all of the above personal & non-personal information may be retrieved via any of the following methods listed below:

User Accounts/Registration & Account Login Credentials
Registering or creating a user account with username and password will be necessary to participate in site activities or to use our online tools.

Surveys, Contests, & Feedback
On occasion we run contests, conduct surveys and ask for feedback, which are all voluntary and do not require mandatory precipitation.

Newsletter Signup
Newsletters are sent via email and are optional and cancel-able. Only an email address is required to receive our site newsletter. Please see email “opt out” instructions to discontinue your newsletter.

Wedding Registry
An account is required to setup a registry. Settings may be adjusted to “private” or “public” depending on your preference as to who can view and search for your registry. Guests may or may not need an account to search and view registries depending on your registry privacy settings.

Public Forums
An account is required to use the message boards and chat forums. Your user name will be displayed to the public when logged on, so please select a user name that does not identify you personally.

Advertising/Vendor Accounts/Registration, & Vendor Account Login Credentials
Vendors are required to register and create an account to advertise on the site.

Site Generated Directory Listings
These are listings found in the directory that were created by us (not the vendor). These listings only contain business name, business address, and business telephone number. These listings are created to give the overall user a positive experience. We consider this information to be “public” information which is collected from a variety of public sources. We also reserve the right to keep this information publicly available on the site.

Automatic Data
When you use the site, we collect information that is sent automatically via your computer and other devices used to access the internet. We use various commonly-used technologies like cookies and similar technologies to provide the best experience possible while using the site.

“Cookies” are small data files that are stored and sent when you visit certain sites. These data files are stored on the web browser of the users computer. Cookies contain data such as browser information, device type, and IP Address.

Similar Technologies
We also use Analytic services that provide Location & Tracking technologies via cookies and web beacons. These technologies collect geographic location, website activities and site traffic.

Data collected is used for internal purposes, we do not rent, sell, trade or share automatic data with any outside or third-party companies. We reserve the right to collect additional information that is not listed here and to use it as we deem necessary.

We consider the usage of these technologies and the data it collects a vital tool for the daily operations, functionality and management of this site. Although you may turn off cookies via your computer settings, please note that this website and some features may not function properly if at all.

Our primary purpose for collecting personal information and automatic data is to provide our users with quality customer care and a customized experience. In addition we may also use your personal information or/and automatic data for:

Maintain user accounts, registration
Customer care
Internal record keeping
Communication via physical address, email address and/or telephone
Contact users about updates, promotions, events, upgrades, services and products
Send occasional emails pertaining to information about the site, its policies, promotions
Customize or Personalize your experience
Improve user experience & customer service
Website improvements
Managing the site
Marketing products & services, site features & tools, advertising services
Development of new products and services
Tracking website traffic & activities for improvement and customization purposes
Provide display advertising specific to your location

In order to protect against unauthorized access, improper use and disclosure, we have incorporated firewall technology, security policies and physical security measures. Although measures have been taken to reduce the risk of security breaches, we are unable to guarantee that a breach will never occur.

Although we accept credit card payments of products and services including site advertising, we at no time ever have access to account numbers. We use a payment gateway provider which is currently PayPal. Bank account numbers and credit card numbers are not disclosed to us at anytime. We do not see, obtain, have access to, or store any financial information associated with any purchase made on this site. Of course we do have access to purchase information such as name, address, phone number, email address, what was purchased with charged amounts.

We do not rent, sell, trade or share your name, email or other personal information for marketing purposes to any third-party including event attendees, vendors and/or advertisers unless stated below. We may share your personal information with the proper authorities in the following situations:

Legal Compliance
Your personal information may be shared with law enforcement, government officials or local authorities in compliance to a subpoena, court order, or other legal request or process.

Legal Obligations
We may disclose your personal information in the event that we find it necessary to protect our company, our rights, our interest, or the safety of another person.

Corporate Changes
We may share your information in the event of change to company structure, control, or ownership including but not limited to a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or dissolution of the corporation.

Service Providers
We use third-party providers, services, and contractors to assist us in the daily operations and management of this site. Examples of such third-party providers are hosting providers, email management services, or any other provider, service or contractor we deem necessary to operate or maintain the website, its features and tools. Your personal information may be accessed by these third-party providers so that they may carry out these services.

Commercial Email: Any electronic mail message that’s primary purpose is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service, including emails that promote content on commercial websites.

Transactional /Relationship Email: The primary purpose of a transactional or relationship email consist only of content that a) facilitates or confirms a commercial transaction that the recipient already has agreed to; b) gives warranty, recall, safety, or security information about a product or service; c) gives information about a change in terms or features or account balance information regarding a membership, subscription, account, loan or other ongoing relationship; d) provides information about an employment relationship or employee benefits; e) delivers goods or service as part of a transaction that the recipient has agreed to.

Combination Email: An email that has a combination of commercial and relationship content. The primary purpose of the email message is the deciding factor as to defining the email as commercial or transactional/relationship. If the subject line contains a commercial message than it’s a commercial email. If the subject line contains a transactional/relationship message but the bulk of the transaction/relationship part of the email doesn’t appear at the beginning than it is commercial. Transactional/relationship email is only when the email subject line and the beginning part of the email contains transactional/relationship content.

Email Opt-out
You may opt-out of receiving future commercial emails from us at anytime. Commercial emails contain an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the page. You can stop all future commercial emails by clicking on this link and following a few short steps. Your request will be processed and honored within 10 business days.

Contest, Sweepstakes, Free Services
From time to time we hold contests, sweepstakes and offer free services that are contingent upon receiving your permission-based email address with the primary purpose of sending commercial email. Obviously our goal is to move you from a free service to a paid service. We reserve the right to cancel any free service of persons or companies which exercise their right to opt-out of receiving future commercial emails.

You can access and edit your personal information at any time by logging on to your account and changing your profile information.

This site is not intended for children. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen (13). In the event that we discover that we have unknowingly collected information from a person under the age of thirteen (13), we will delete it. If you are a parent of a child under the age of thirteen (13) and believe that your child has disclosed personal information on our site, please contact us so that we may delete it. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line: COPPA.

Our data collection and tracking practices do not alter, change or respond to Do Not Track (DNT) requests or signals. As described in this policy, we collect personal information that you provide to us and track user activity via cookies and similar technologies. Information collected helps us analyze website usage and improve the user's experience. Cookies allow us to offer you a customized experience and present relevant advertising to our visitors.

This policy covers the personal account information used to register for the following: Blogs, Message Boards, Chat forums, Newsletter, Mobile Applications, Mobile site, and Email.

Information that you provide on/in public forums and/or other public areas of the site, Affiliate sites, advertising links and other websites linked to or from our site via link or advertisement, third-party providers of applications for site tools, third party service providers such as but not limited to: hosting providers, email management services, payment gateway providers, analytics services, and social media networks and social media network apps.

This site uses cookies & similar technologies. By use of this site, you agree to the use of these technologies and give your consent to the collection of your data set forth in this Policy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of this website.

As our site evolves, it may require changes to this policy, therefore we reserve the right to update, amend or modify this privacy policy at any time. Any future changes will be made on the “privacy Policy” page with a modification date. By continuing to visit and use the site following any modifications to our privacy policy, you are agreeing to those changes.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..