About Us




Engaged Couples


We're head-over-heals in love, in love with weddings that is! We aim to make Go Wed It (GWI) your local go-to wedding resource, and did we mention that we're crazy about weddings? Sorry, we just can't help ourselves.

Connecting newly engaged couples to local vendors is our business. You'll find an easy-to-use website with premium wedding information, planning tools, and a directory of local wedding services and products. Ultimately, we want you to have an enjoyable experience and we hope our passion for weddings leave you blissfully inspired.

Wedding Professionals


GWI is dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive online wedding guide while committing to result-oriented advertising for local wedding-related businesses. GWI offers affordable advertising opportunities for local wedding professionals across eight States; Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, And Tennessee.

Our Mission is simple, we want to create the go-to advertising solution for local wedding professionals. GWI strives to deliver a balance of useful information to its' readers while creating an environment designed for our local network of advertisers.